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Decentralized Escrow (DES)


Currently raised

1 500 ETH
upper limit

ETH Address:
How to buy the DEST tokens?
You can buy DEST tokens by transferring ETHs from your wallet to the smart contract address.
Important: Do not send funds directly from your cryptocurrency exchange account.
If you already have a wallet for ERC20 tokens, you can simply send ETH from your wallet to the smart contract wallet listed on the site.
If you don't have a wallet for ERC20 tokens, then you need to set up one, for example, on the site https://www.myetherwallet.com/. Now you can buy ETH on any reliable exchange-service and move on with your investing.
Transfer purchased ETH from your wallet to the smart contract address 0xbbda1f5899f828735af87e890afc6449fb90de13
Important Note

Do not send funds directly from your cryptocurrency exchange account or you will lose your tokens. You need to have a full Ethereum wallet, not a trading account.

Make sure you complete the form at the BOTTOM of this page to complete the process of joining DES
Participating in pre-ICO

In order that your purchased DEST appear in your wallet, you need:

Open your Ethereum- wallet (usually it's https://www.myetherwallet.com/#view-wallet-info) and choose «Add custom token»

You'll see three margins: token name, wallet address and decimals.

Token name — specify «DEST».
Wallet address — 0xbbda1f5899f828735af87e890afc6449fb90de13
Decimals — a number of characters after dot, enter 18.

After that press ADD button and you will see your DEST balance.

Extended user manual, the options how to buy DEST
pre-ICO telegram chat support

In case of difficulties, write to a special pre-ICO telegram chat channel
Contribution Form
Transaction ID
Amount Sent
Ethereum Address (where your DEST will be sent)
Comment or Message
Thank you for participating in DES pre-ICO
Primarily, this is working tool development with that by our own example we'll show how a private investor is able to independently manage his assets and control Startup integrity.

We'll also carry out more complex marketing campaign (ICO preparation) so that as many people as possible get to hear about the project and its opportunities.

We already cooperate with professional investments funds who support our project and are interested in using DES.

There are some requests already from a few Startups who would like to raise capital by DES.

Characteristics of DEST Tokens on pre-ICO

Full title:
Desentralized Escrow Token
Short title:
Cost of token:
1 DEST = 0.001 ETH
/1 ETH = 1000 DEST/

First investors benefits
/pre-ICO stage Investors/

Bonus 50% - fixed
In the process of ICO, DEST tokens will be converted to the new - major project tokens (DES) with 50% bonus. In other words, owning 10 000 DEST you'll get 15 000 DES at ICO stage.
Up to 20% bonuses – on-scale
Bonus scale will work during pre-ICO, it will depend on purchase amount (see below)
DESCROW pre-ICO bonus table
Advantages of DES investments
There will be growing demand for reliable and understandable investment tools, as the crypto-economy develops and the market is set.
In the short run, large institutional investors will start to enter this market, where the most important issues are trust and conservative approach to investing.
DES platform contains qualitative criteria of risk management and assessment, that allows to attract solid investments.
White paper
Here you can read yellow paper documentation
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